MyWatSan is your Complaints Platform for the submission of water and sewerage complaints to your water supply and sanitation provider. Unresolved complaints will be automatically escalated to the regulator, NWASCO.

Your complaints will never remain unresolved.

How do I know that my complaint has been received?

Whenever a complaint is received by your commercial utility , a complaint reference will be generated and an SMS will be sent to your mobile number , and an email to your mailbox where provided. When this occurs , you may rest assured that your complaint has indeed been received.

How do I know that my complaint has been received?

If you have created an account already and are able to login and submit complaints,then you will be able to view and search for particluar complaints in your portal as shown in the figure below

I have forgotten my account login information, what do I do?

In the event that you forget your password , you may request for a change of password by choosing the Forgot password in the login modal as shown in the figure below.

How much does it cost to use MyWatSan Quickfix?

Using MyWatSan Quickfix is an affordable and convienient way of reporting your complaints , in comparison to traditional modes that may involve transport costs to walk-in to your commercial utility.

Suppose my complaint is closed without being resolved?

If you still feel that your complaint was closed without resolution , you may contact your commercial utility or get in touch with NWASCO on the numbers provided on the MyWatSan Quickfix contacts.

How do I reopen the complaint if it reoccurs?

If you had earlier reported a similar complaint, you may submit another complaint and a provision will be given for you to indicate that it is a reoccurrence.

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