MyWatSan is your Complaints Platform for the submission of water and sewerage complaints to your water supply and sanitation provider. Unresolved complaints will be automatically escalated to the regulator, NWASCO.

Your complaints will never remain unresolved.


Water Watch Groups

NWASCO's guiding principles include transparency and accountability. CUs must be accountable to the consumers whom they serve. Customer involvement ensures their protection, promotes speedy complaint resolution and enhances service delivery. NWASCO has established voluntary community based groups known as Water Watch Groups to assist in monitoring service delivery. Their role is informing their communities about their rights and obligations regarding WSS so much so that they can demand the service they are entitled to and also assist in resolving pending complaints. These groups comprise 6 to 8 customers from a particular service area. They operate within the delegated powers of NWASCO and receive limited financial support to cater for their transport, communication and sensitisation expenses.

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