MyWatSan is your Complaints Platform for the submission of water and sewerage complaints to your water supply and sanitation provider. Unresolved complaints will be automatically escalated to the regulator, NWASCO.

Your complaints will never remain unresolved.

How it works

Online Web

The MyWatSan Quickfix ™ complaints platform can be accessed via the Internet at the following address :


Customers must first register via the platform by clicking the Register link. The register modal window will appear and customers are required to provide relevant details.


When registered an activation email will be sent to the mailbox provided by the customer and customers must activate their account by following the link sent to your email.

After activation, customers can login and will be presented with options to submit and view complaints in their portal.

Submit Complaint

Customers can submit complaints by providing information about the complaint type and details of complaint.

After posting a complaint reference is generated for the complaint and a confiramtion SMS will be sent to the customer's mobile to confirm that the commericial utility has recieved the complaint.

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